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Since 2011 Instant Party DJ & Karaoke has awarded over 1,000 special trophies to singers throughout the DMV; given away 10 Deluxe Karaoke Machine Packages, and lit up the evenings of over 5,000 Singers with free luminescent Pens. WED

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love entertaining and seeing people have a good time! Every event and every crowd's a challenge,
but they all leave happy."

How do we plan events?
Very carefully...!
Take advantage of our years of expereince, but the final approval is always yours. The number one complaint we hear about DJs: many won't play requests! Your special requests are no problem for us. We encourage lots of input in song selection, but it's your choice - if you have the time and inclination. Otherwise, sit back, relax, and know we'll play the songs you like to hear. We can be as active as you like, from being Master of Ceremonies to just playing great music. It's up to you. Order your party now !
Special Occasions, a specialty.
Wherever and whenever music can enhance the event - be it weddings receptions, parties - private and corporate, reunions, picnics, etc. we are here to serve it up - with style.

No event is too small! Why not make it really special?

One of the best in the state!

DJ & Karaoke for any and all occasions. Our music library has tens of thousands of  songs from practically every genre - from the 1920's to the latest hits. If you don't find it on the lists, just ask! We also  have over 10,000 karaoke selections, so there's bound to be something for  everybody. No extra charge for karaoke, of course. We love it! - and so do you.
Since 2011 Instant Party DJ & Karaoke has awarded over 1,300 special trophies to singers throughout the DMV; given away 25 Deluxe Karaoke Machine Packages, and lit up the evenings of over 10,000 Singers with free luminescent Pens.

We also specialize in karaoke contests that make great fund raisers for any organization. We use only the best professional DJ/KJ equipment and always plenty of "back up" to ensure your event will go off without a hitch. See our equipment list .

What is Karaoke, anyway?

Singing is GOOD for you

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What are we all about?   
Ok, it's a little hard to read.  "People having a great Time!"

We like to do everything just right to make your party a success.   When an occasion comes off well,
it's a very satisfying experience for all concerned.
If you want real entertainment that will be truly:      "...an evening to remember "

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